Following his passion for diving, Italo Fontana designed many watches ready to withstand the rigorous demands of professional diving and offering a bold, clear, technical design reminiscent of high-tech instruments.

U-1001, for example, is an Impressive watch able to survive depths up to 1001 meters but it lacks probably of the most distinctive element of a dive watch: the rotating bezel with indexes and numbers.

Italo Fontana expands the Classico lineup with Sommerso, a watch boasting this characteristic feature of the professional diving watch.

Sommerso features 45mm satin and hand finish stainless steel case and a rotating bezel with calibrated indexes every five minutes interspersed with numbers every ten minutes from 10 to 50 and lockable through a lever on the right hand side. The dial consists of three superimposed dials with the top one in black with beige hands and markers treated with luminova and an additional counter for the 24 hours of the day. Sommerso has a water resistance to 300 meters and a black strap in rubber with a lining in water repellent calf thanks to the Kodiak treatment.

The timepiece features the patented crown release system for easy time and date setting along with a small plate fixed on the side of the case with the serial number engraved on it.

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