We provide servicing and repair of mechanical and quartz watches.

Bezel, The Watch Collectors’ Guild is glad to extend repair and restoration works to all. With highly skilled and experienced technicians, we are confident that repair and restoration works performed at Bezel will be to your satisfaction.

How often do I need a complete overhaul?

Most Swiss and German watch manufactures recommend one every five years. Some say as few as four, others as many as 7. Every five to seven years is therefore a good range to keep in mind. It depends on how much and how often the watch is worn, and how it is stored when off the wrist. The more the watch is worn the better. As a rule of thumb, a watch should be overhauled approximately every three to five years.

We recommend a complete movement service every three to five years if the watch is worn frequently. Watches are like fine automobiles and require  care and maintenance  to keep their performance. We suggest servicing every three to five years.

It’s important to wind and run the watch at least once  a month to keep the movement ‘s parts lubricated. To prevent rusting and ensure oils do not completely dry.

Complete service includes the following

  • Disassembling the movement
  • Case and bracelet refurbishing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning on all movement parts
  • Reassembling and lubricating the movement
  • Calibration and regulating
  • Waterproofing test and final inspection